October 31- Three Things

Here’s the thing- EFFICIENCY.  Around the farm I am usually working with an Ergobaby on by back and with a seriously limited amount of time so I’m in search of tools to help me be efficient.  This week I got the last of my winter seedlings in the ground so I have efficiency in planting in mind.  I came across these 3 things that, if as advertised, will help.   Anyone used any of these tools?  Anyone have tools for faster seeding they especially like?

1.Hatfield transplanter  2.  soil blocker3.  paper pot planter

  1.  Economical way to get seedlings in the ground but says it requires 2 people to operate.  It’s just me.  So, can it be used by one person with some type of workaround?  http://www.johnnyseeds.com/tools-supplies/transplanters/hatfield-transplanter-model-1.5-9406.html
  2. I like this for the seeds that don’t need a ton of soil for propagation.  http://www.johnnyseeds.com/tools-supplies/seed-starting-supplies/soil-block-makers/stand-up-35-soil-blocker-7465.html?cgid=soil-block-makers#start=1
  3. I like this Paper Pot system but it’s fairly expensive but might be worth it.  Anyone used this method?  Is it worth the investment?  https://www.highmowingseeds.com/blog/paper-pot-transplanter/